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cheap nfl jerseys Doctors Without Borders said in a written statement that it is "very concerned about the conditions," saying Hickox is in an unheated tent adjacent to the hospital.
The group's statement also said it is working to get information from hospital officials.In Saturday's press conference, Christie said he was "sorry if in any way she (Hickox) was inconvenienced," but stated that the public health and safety of the people of New Jersey are his "first and foremost obligation."A mandatory quarantine imposed by New York, New Jersey and Illinois on health care workers who just returned to the United States from treating Ebola patients in West Africa has prompted a debate on how to prevent the spread of the disease without discouraging medical aid workers from fighting it.The isolation policy was abruptly implemented Friday by the governors of New York and New Jersey, Andrew Cuomo and Christie.
The announcement came one day after a New York doctor who treated patients in Guinea became the first Ebola case diagnosed in New York City.Should health care workers be quarantined?The change to mandatory isolation for 21 days, which is thought to be Ebola's incubation period, was implemented the same day that Hickox landed at Newark Liberty Airport after working with Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone..
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All condemned Rice's actions, but there was little consensus as to what his punishment should be. The NFL did the right thing by suspending him, some said, but the Ravens shouldn't have terminated his contract as well. Or maybe the suspension should have remained at two games, where it stood before the punch video became public..

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